ETL401 – Searching Library Databases

Being a 60’s child searching for books is what I have been used to, so searching online has been a new experience.

Using Primo search I have been finding relevant articles. The advanced search feature helps to narrow searches to specific topics. As a broad search for relevant material I have used the subject number and course relevant texts are offered.

Ebsco search has also been useful, although I have yet to be successful with setting up and using a folder. I am not as comfortable reading from the screen as from a printed document, so, have invested in a printer and when a suitable article is found I print this out. It may not be as streamline as having a folder, but at this stage is the best way for me to study.

I am finding there is a great deal of information available relating to the role of the teacher librarian in the school environment, far more than I am able to digest at this stage of the course, however, there is time to take it in, so persistence is the key here.

Overall, my experience of data base searching has been a steep learning curve, and one which I will improve at with practice.


2 thoughts on “ETL401 – Searching Library Databases

  1. Great job Dad, by the way I just realised that the background is a boat with Thurlow-Fisher on it! How didn’t I notice that??? 😀 Well done!

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